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Bayo in work

“It is fricking hard to draw her guns, or all the details on her clothes.. u_u still a looooooooooot to go :D ”

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Bayonetta (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 05/JAN/10
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That is looking slick! From one artist to another, grande kudos to you!
looking good so far!
Why does she have all those watches?
@LordXenophon uh, she is able to control time ^^
If I could control time, I would have no use for guns.
@LordXenophon hellooo~hooo, she gets naked for summoning demons, it's a fricking video game, so don't question everything xD
@LordXenophon "Question Nothing" would be a great motto for a cult.
Besides, I'm not saying I have anything against a heroine who has to get naked to summon demons. I'm just saying I would use those powers instead of guns.
@LordXenophon yeah, but having high heels with guns attached is almost as cool as using all your super powers haha ;)
The only thing I really need attached to a pair of high heels is a woman.
I'd love to have that shoes .. I can attache a woman by myself :P
The point is to be able to detach the woman.
xD yeah, good point
@Lairosiel I would get naked too if I could summon demons
You had me at "she gets naked to summon demons". I will play this game no matter how horrible it is, and I hear mixed reviews.
And I am not saying it will be but the reviews I get are either LOVED IT, or HATED IT.
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